All Banners are made of heavy duty vinyl with steel grommets. All rectangular banners are 24" x 30". All square banners are 27" x 27". Banners are water-proof. These banners are reproductions of some of the greatest banner artists like Snap Wyatt and Fred Johnson. Each one is signed and numbered 001-250 by the Grand Poobah of Ratso Retro, Enrico "Ratso" Retro himself!!!!! 001-100 are artist's proofs are available. Antiqued brass clips sets are 4 for $3.00. Custom sizes are available for special order. Give us a call and we'll make a freak banner to fit your disturbed and warped senses. New Jersey residents please add 7% sales tax.

Remember when you were a kid and your parents took you to Palisades Amusement Park, Coney Island or a local carnival or circus?...Now, do you remember looking up and seeing a wall of the freakiest looking art showing the freakiest freaks. Images that burned into your memory forever the views of savages, 5 legged cows, giant killer rats, and the most unsavory and dreadful things you've ever seen?

Well now they can horrify you in your own home!!! These images from the 1920's to the 1970's are some of the most expensive collectibles in the world...and way too large to hang up in a living room. We have collected hundreds of images of original banner art and printed them on heavy duty vinyl and set in metal grommets for easy hanging. Now your friends can come over and envy you for hanging these memories and think "What sickos these people are." The banners come in 22" x 32", 24" x 30" and 27" x 27". All banners are limited to 250 additions and signed and numbered by yours truly Enrico "Ratso" Retro.

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